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Camera Flash Disk Repair

Name - Flashnul


Download URL - The link that was here before is flagged as malware by Bing (04/29/2016).

Developer - George Shuklin

OS - windows 2000, XP, 2003, possibly NT4, probably, Vista

File Size - 94.91 KB

Developer Provided Description - "Flashnul - utility to verify that the service and Flash-Memory (USB-Flash, IDE-Flash, SecureDigital, MMC, MemoryStik, SmartMedia, XD, CompactFlash, etc.). List of the operations:

  • Reading test - check the availability of each sector of the media (duplicates the functionality of conventional HDD-tests)
  • Writing test - is it possible to write each sector support (duplicates the functionality of most HDD-tests)
  • The test of the recording - to check compliance recorded and read information (similar to the functionality of memtest, but for flash-drives).
  • Nondestructive test read / write capability to check the availability for a record of each sector of the device without losing the data recorded (after checking the block data in this block are written back)
  • Saving the image contents of the device - the sector-based preservation of all (or part of) the contents of the file. (Same functionality dd of UNIX).
  • Download the image to your device - Process all sectors recording the image to the device (similar to the functionality of dd of UNIX).

All tests were performed at the level of abstraction of block devices and can be used in relation to other types of media (floppy, HDD, CD, etc)."

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