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GUI Freeware for Repairing Individual
Windows Issues

These pieces of freeware fix individual pieces of freeware. The software works with GUI's for ease of use.

  • Recreatedefpol.exe - "RecreateDefPol.exe is a tool developed for the restoration of the Default Domain and Default Domain Controllers policy files, in case of accidental deletion. This tool is for use exclusively on Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server, and DataCenter Server. Do not use this tool on Windows Server 2003; use Dcgpofix.exe instead (included in Windows Server 2003).

    This tool is intended for use only in disaster recovery situations, where either the Default Domain Policy, the Default Domain Controllers Policy, or both have been damaged or deleted, and no other backup is available. This should be considered a tool of last resort."

  • Windows Live OneCare "Antivirus service could not start" - "This tool fixes a problem in the Windows XP startup file (boot.ini) that can affect the Windows Live OneCare Antivirus service and prevent it from starting. If your computer is affected by this problem, you will see the following Action to Take in the Windows Live OneCare screen:

    • Urgent

    • Turn on Antivirus monitoring (At risk)

    • Windows Live OneCare Antivirus service could not start. (At risk)

    The problem typically occurs if a third-party tune-up or user interface modification program changes the startup screen that Microsoft Windows XP displays during the boot process. This changes the default kernel file that Windows XP uses to boot, and can prevent the Windows Live OneCare Antivirus service from starting. The Boot.ini repair tool restores this default kernel file and allows the Antivirus service to start."

  • Windows Live OneCare Anti-Malware Repair Tool - "After an install or an upgrade of Windows Live OneCare, the antivirus and spyware component may not start properly. Users are shown a red action item entitled: "Urgent, Contact Help Center - OneCare virus and spyware protection encountered a problem and cannot start".

    This tool will attempt to repair the virus and spyware protection component of OneCare on this computer."

  • Windows Live OneCare Firewall Repair Tool - "This support tool is intended for customers whose OneCare firewall reports that it cannot install a required upgrade or cannot turn on the firewall. This tool is NOT intended to diagnose or treat more specific functionality issues such as opening or closing ports, allowing applications, or otherwise.

    When do you need to use this tool?

    This tool should be used in the following two cases

    Case 1:

    You see red action items An error has prevented Windows Live OneCare from installing a required upgrade

    AND Firewall is turned Off

    AND upon clicking the "Turn on Firewall" button the following error dialogue appears: Windows Live OneCare cannot change your Firewall settings at this time. Please try again later.

    Case 2:

    You see the red action item: Firewall is turned Off

    AND upon clicking the "Turn on Firewall" button the following error dialogue appears: Windows Live OneCare cannot change your Firewall settings at this time. Please try again later."

  • Font Folder Fixer - fixes multiple font folder problems.

  • WinHelp - Fixes Windows Help file display corruption.

  • Fix Windows Welcome Screen - if this is your problem..

  • Fix System Restore Calendar - If you System Restore subsystems calendar is corrupted, this will fix it.

  • Restore Tool/Menu bars in IE and Explorer - this sounds like an unusual problem, but fixable.

  • Restore CD/DVD Missing Drive - Sometimes CD/DVD drives disappear. This may restore them.

  • Autoplay_Fix - Autoplay of CDs and DVDs can not work as desired, this fixes the function.

  • AutoPlay_Fix_II - another piece of freeware to do the above.

  • OE_Restore - In IE, on the Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs Tab, you can choose which E-mail client to use as a default. If Outlook Express is gone from the list, with this program, you can put it back and register it automatically as the default client.

  • Desktop_Icon_Restore - this is a common problem, your "Show Desktop" Icon disappears from the quick launch toolbar. This restores it.

  • Icon_Repair - a common icon problem is that on the Desktop all the icons are the generic Windows type. This restores the real ones. It does other things too.

  • Icon_Repair_II - Similar to above. The process is called refreshing the icon cache.

  • TCP_IP_Repair - fixes mysterious slow Internet connection problems.