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DBX Recovery Software

DBX is the file extension and type of Outlook Express file for versions 5 and 6.

Name - Outlook Express Message Extractor


Download URL - http://www.gaijin.at/download/oemsgxtr.rar

Developer - Gaijin.at / Werner Rumpeltesz?

OS - Windows

File Size - 59.90 KB

Developer Provided Description - "With the Outlook Express Message Extractor can extract e-mails and news articles from Outlook Express DBX files. In this case all messages from DBX file is exported to a separate directory as EML and NWS files. So they can be opened with Outlook Express or other mail client or converted to another format."

Comments - None Yet

Name - Power Email Recovery for OE


Download URL - http://www.mt-solution.ca/download/peroe.exe

Developer - MiniTool Solution Ltd.

OS - Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

File Size - 549.80 KB

Developer Provided Description - "Power Email Recovery for Outlook Express is a professional data recovery software that recovers damaged *.dbx files where MS Outlook Express stores folders with messages. It also recovers accidentally deleted messages. The unique recovery technology allows the user to read damaged *.dbx files created by Outlook Express and recover accidentally deleted messages. Recovered messages are in the .eml format and can be imported into Outlook Express mail and news bases."

Comments - None Yet

Name - UnDBX


Download URL - http://software-files-a.cnet.com/s/software/11/38/63/88/undbx-0.20.zip

Developer - Avi Rozen

OS - Windows XP

File Size - 45.23 KB

Developer Provided Description - "Tool to extract, recover and undelete e-mail messages from Outlook Express .DBX files. On first run all messages are extracted as individual .EML files. Subsequent runs only update the output directory with new messages, and delete old .EML files that correspond to deleted messages in the .DBX file. Corrupted .DBX files (including files larger than 2GB) can be opened in recovery mode, in order to recover messages and partially undelete deleted messages. The success of recovery depends on the type and level of .DBX file corruption."

Comments - None Yet

Name - DBXtract

Screenshot of the software in action.

Download URL - DBXtract

Developer - Stephen L. Cochran

OS - Windows 98/ME/2000(Service Pack 2 or higher)/XP/2003

File Size - 300 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - Outlook Express 5/6

Developer Provided Description -

OE5 and OE6 have a proprietary binary format that makes archiving individual messages difficult. In addition, a number of people have indicated that their message folders have become corrupted and OE can not read them. Consequently, they have lost all the messages in that folder. OBXtract extracts all mail and news messages from individual dbx files. After extracting the messages one can drag them from a Windows Explorer folder into an Outlook Express mail folder. It requires the existence of the VB6 runtime dll, msvbvm60.dll. If you do not have that in your Windows\system (or system32 for NT / 2000) directory, you can download it directly from Microsoft, by CLICKING HERE. The program runs in Windows 9X, WinMe, NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. After installing the VB6 runtime files, you can then run DBXtract."

Comment - No Longer Free. Now costs $5.

Name - OE Viewer

Table format

Download URL - OEView.zip

Developer - MiTeC

OS - Windows 9x/Me/NT 4.x/2000/XP/Server 2003

File Size - 560 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - OE 4, 5, and 6

Developer Provided Description - Viewer for standalone files containing Microsoft Outlook Express 4,5 and 6 message database (*.idx/*.mbx/*.dbx). It displays list of contained messages and their header. Message can be viewed in detailed view including attachments (save ability) and HTML preview and printing. Messages can be saved to *.eml files.

Comment - Not currently available. May be added later.

Screenshot of the program in action.

Download URL - MailSalvation_setup.exe

Developer - Softlakecity.com

OS - Windows

File Size - 446 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - OE 5 and above

Developer Provided Description - "This an email utility for Microsoft Outlook Express users. It can help you recovering emails and attachments from a disaster. It can help you reading corrupted mail databases, it can read your mail backups easily, it can help you migrating your mail database from Outlook Express to any other mail client on any operating ( Windows, Linux, Unix, BeOS..). If your software and system can read internet emails you can do it easily with this utility with it's "universal export function". A unique option is the one to automatically extract and backup all email attachments You can also easily extract all email attachments This program has a virus safe preview for emails, emails with exploit Outlook Express bugs and vulnerabilities cannot harm you if you when you use the built in quick preview."

Comment - Not currently available. May be added later.