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Misc. Corrupt
Word Recovery

Name - S2 Services Word Recovery


Download URL - Download link

Developer - Sergey Zhebka / S2 Services / Paul Pruitt

OS - Windows All

File Size - 9.05 MB

Developer Provided Description - "Microsoft officially recommends a number of methods for recovering corrupt Word files that either can or cannot be opened. This GUI app provides buttons to invoke most of these as well as providing independent methods for recovering from Microsoft Word corruption of both the old format doc and the new format docx files."

Comments - None Yet

Name - Savvy Corrupt DOCX Word File Recovery

The interface with a loaded file. Progress bar crosses the GUI.

Download URL - http://sourceforge.net/projects/

Developer - Sergey Zhebka / S2 Services / Paul Pruitt

OS - Windows All

File Size - 8.07 MB

Developer Provided Description - "In order to deal with HTML's loose standards, XML was designed to be intolerant of errors. This XML "precision decision" adversely effects MS Word's corruption recovery. If there is one error in the document.xml file where all the docx text is stored within the larger docx zip structure, Microsoft Word will error out and not display any text. This can be quite frustrating in a data recovery situation where partial recovery is better than nothing.

Savvy Word Recovery attempts to fix document.xml files by identifying the first error and then truncating it 50 characters before. The extra truncation is sometimes needed because the XML validation often indicates an error only after several characters of bad XML have already been passed.

After truncation the program adds the correct xml ending tags and the file along with its other xml files is rezipped and opened as a docx file in Word. Truncation is adjustable."

Comments - None Yet

Name - CMD Corrupt OfficeOpen2txt


Download URL - http://godskingsandheroes.info/

Developer - Ccy / S2 Services / Paul Pruitt

OS - Windows XP - Windows 7

File Size - 797 KB

Developer Provided Description - "Perfect for online scripts and services needing text or data extraction from both corrupt or healthy docx, xlsx or pptx files. Coded by Ccy, author of HaHa Zip and using Delphi Zip, CMD Corrupt OfficeOpen2Txt will often recover text from corrupt "Office Open" format files where the respective Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 programs cannot salvage the text or data. Office Open format files are zipped collections of XML files.

There are two kinds of corruption of these types of files, zip structure corruption and XML corruption. This program deals with both. The unzipping module used in Office 2007 and 2010, is more finicky than InfoZip module used by CMD Corrupt OfficeOpen2Txt. Thus the collection of files making up the docx, xlsx or pptx file can be extracted as raw material for data/text extraction in the programs 2nd stage. MS Office doesn't even get this far sometimes.In regards to XML corruption, the format is by design a very unforgiving medium for file damage. From the errors returned from attempts at salvaging the text from Office 2007 and 2010 it appears Microsoft is using a fairly standard interpreter of XML even when encountering corruption. CMD Corrupt OfficeOpen2Txt on the other hand does not get hung up by so call XML issues of "well formatting". It simply removes the tags from the data and text as far as possible, ignoring badly formed tag issues."

Comments - None Yet

Name - Corrupt DOCX Salvager


Download URL - Download link

Developer - Paul Pruitt / S2 Services

OS - Windows All

File Size - 6.11 MB

Developer Provided Description - "This GUI program will extract text from damaged/corrupted Word files formatted in the new docx format where Word itself fails.

Docx files are actually zipped collections of XML files. XML as a format is unforgiving of data corruption. The main text in docx files is found in document.xml file in the collection. Damaged docx2txt uses 7Zip, an unzipper that will sometimes unzip partially corrupt document.xml files even though reporting an error.

Additionally the Perl routine used to extract the text from the document.xml file doesn't care about well-formedness of the XML, a stumbling block of Word 2007 and 2010."

Comments - None Yet

Name - Corrupt MS Office 2007-2013 Extractor


Download URL - http://sourceforge.net/

Developer - Ccy / S2 Services / Paul Pruitt

OS - Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8

File Size - 1.42 MB

Developer Provided Description - "Corrupt Office 2007-2013 Extractor will extract the text/data from corrupt docx, xlsx, and pptx files where the respective MS Office files error out and refuses to open. In advanced mode the program can fix the zip structure of these new "Office Open" format files, a step which I now recommend despite our dissuasive blurb which comes up when you start that function.

Advanced mode also allows recovering images and if you are familiar with XML, includes is a basic XML editor for editing corrupt XML which might be causing the docx, xlsx or pptx corruption."

Comments - None Yet

Name - Corrupt Office Salvager


Download URL - http://godskingsandheroes.info/software/

Developer - S2 Services / Paul Pruitt

OS - Windows

File Size - 48.56 MB

Developer Provided Description - "Corrupt office2txt -Brings together my (that is socrtwo's - Paul Pruitt's) other corrupt MS Office & Open Office recovery projects providing one GUI with two methods of recovering text from corrupt MS Office (97-2003 & 2007/2010 formats) and OO files as well as one method for recovering full OO files."

Comments - None Yet

Name - DocToText


Download URL - http://silvercoders.com/

Developer - Silver Coders

OS - Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X

File Size - 2.49 MB

Developer Provided Description - "DocToText is a powerful utility that can convert documents in many formats to plain text. The package, available to users for free on open source GPL license, includes console application and C/C++ library, that allows embedding text extraction mechanism into other application.

The utility supports MS Office binary formats: MS Word (DOC), MS Excel (XLS, MS PowerPoint (PPT), Rich Text Format (RTF), OpenDocument (also known as ODF and ISO/IEC 26300, full name: OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications): text documents (ODT), spreadsheets (ODS), presentations (ODP) and Office Open XML (ISO/IEC 29500, also called OOXML, OpenXML or MSOOXML) documents: MS Word (DOCX), MS Excel (XLSX), MS PowerPoint (PPTX).

Extracting plain text from doc, xls, ppt, rtf, odt, ods, odp, docx, xlsx and pptx files can be used for a lot of things like searching, indexing or archiving. DocToText can be also used as a fast console viewer.

DocToText is able to convert corrupted OpenDocument and Office Open XML documents. It can be used to recover text even if other recovery methods failed."

Comments - None Yet

Name - MVOLE

List of OLE objects inside savegame of C&C Tiberian Sun Listing OLE objects of Word XP .doc file; os:WinXP;rel:debug MvOLE project logo

Download URL - http://sourceforge.net/projects/mvole/files

Developer - Tomasz Lis / Andrey Cherepanov

OS - Windows

File Size - 152.27 KB

Developer Provided Description - "MVOLE is program for reading Microsoft OLE Storage file (such as MS Word .doc or MS Excel .xls).

You can get content of any OLE object in this file, even it is damaged. OLE object's content may be translated from MS Office UNICODE format to plain text with correct charset, HTML and binary format (for pictures)."

Comments - None Yet

Name - Word 2000 Fix: Font Repair Macro

No screenshot available

Download URL - http://download.microsoft.com/

Developer - Microsoft

OS - Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT

File Size - 226.03 KB

Developer Provided Description - "The Microsoft Word Font Repair Macro - designed for documents created in Eastern European versions of Word - converts fonts to Arial when they don't display or print correctly in a document."

Comments - None Yet

- Last Resort Undeleter
for MS Word Documents

Screenshot of the software in action.

Download URL - lasrlite

Developer - Robert Green

OS - Windows 95/98/ME

File Size - 56 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - All MS Word Versions Prior 2002

Developer Provided Description - "LASRLITE.EXE is a command line undeleter for lost Word documents on FAT file systems. It designed to run from pure DOS or from a DOS window on Windows 95/98/ME. It does not recover files from NTFS file systems. LASRLITE.EXE is freeware and may be freely distributed, unmodified and in the orignal distribution archive. LASRLITE.EXE is Copyright (c) 2001 by Robert Green. The author reserves all rights."

Comment - With this program, if a Word file gets corrupt, you can undelete all Word files and find an earlier temporary version that Windows stored then deleted. Note, even without the program, you can also look for temporary files with the tmp extension in the directory where Word files are stored by default. The default storage location can be found under Tools -> Options -> File Locations and double click on "Documents". Just change the "tmp" extension to "doc."

Note Bene - Visit Bob Greene's Site. He has a low priced programs for recovering unbootable disks called BootMaster Partition Recovery and also has the nice NTFS browser for DOS that can be used with the same. Freeware makers need to be supported.

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