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MBX Recovery Software

MBX is the file type and extension for version 4 and before.

Name - MBXtract

Screenshot of the software in action.

Download URL - MBXtract

Developer - Stephen L. Cochran

OS - Windows 98/ME/2000(Service Pack 2 or higher)/XP/2003

File Size - 389 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - Outlook Express 4.0

Developer Provided Description - "For OE4 mail message files - OE4 mail messages are stored in files with MBx extensions. If one saves only the MBx files from OE4, then one cannot import these messages into OE5. Since releasing DBXtract, the program to extract messages from OE5 dbx files, a number have requested a similar program for MBx files from OE4. MBXtract.exe extracts all mail and news messages from individual MBx files. It is a 44 Kbyte program and can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. It requires the existence of the VB6 runtime dll, msvbvm60.dll. If you do not have that in your Windows\system (or system32 for nt) directory, you can download it directly from Microsoft, by CLICKING HERE . After installing the VB6 runtime dlls to your system directory you can then run MBXtract.exe. The layout for the MBXtract program is the same as for the DBXtract program."

Comment - No Longer Free. Now costs $5.

Name - OE Viewer

Table format

Download URL - OEView.zip

Developer - MiTeC

OS - Windows 9x/Me/NT 4.x/2000/XP/Server 2003

File Size - Not Specified

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - Not Specified

Developer Provided Description - Viewer for standalone files containing Microsoft Outlook Express 4,5 and 6 message database (*.idx/*.mbx/*.dbx). It displays list of contained messages and their header. Message can be viewed in detailed view including attachments (save ability) and HTML preview and printing. Messages can be saved to *.eml files.

Comment - Not currently available. May be added later.