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Corrupt Lotus
1-2-3 Spreadsheet
Recovery Freeware

Lotus 123 icon.If you have a spreadsheet saved with older versions of Lotus definitely try the freeware below before any commercial services

  • Free Lotus 1-2-3 Compatible Spreadsheets and Viewers - these pieces of free software will open Lotus 123 files and you then should be able to at least (with the viewers) copy the cells to a new spreadsheet, or at most save the file under a new name and clean the file (with Open Office).
  • Lotus 1-2-3 Repair Freeware - the freeware is for older versions of Lotus, but then again, that's what a lot of people have.

  • Text Extractors - you can always try to recover the unformatted text and perhaps numbers from the file if nothing else.

Please note: Honestly the commercial software and services is the route you will sometimes have to take to recover your data. That's not to discount the large number of high quality data recovery freeware generously given away by developers, that you can see here. On those occasions that you try the freeware and it doesn't work, the software in these pages will appear not be worth the time and effort you put in and this can be frustrating. I try to point out at the top of each page, what I see is the likelihood that and difficulty with which freeware can recover your data.

The Google Adsense Ads displayed on the pages should lead you to the standard commercial software and services available for the problem you are having. You can also try the commercial links by clicking on the Navigation Bar by that name on the left. It's also here.

To see if the program works before buying, always be sure to try the demos of commercial software first. Also the difference in prices for software that does the same thing, for instance recovering PowerPoint Presentations, can be a large range like with PowerPoint case $50 - 299. If possible, try several software solutions before buying. For services, be sure there is a no data, no fee guarantee, and a recovered file preview available.

I can also provide help but am limited ethically and financially (and legally in many cases) to using freeware too. I am perfectly within bounds to use most of the existing commercial office suites to recover corrupt office files since I paid for licenses for all of them. If you need help, I charge $22 for the first half hour and $22 for unlimited time after that. You can E-mail me at socrtwo@s2services.com.