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Corrupt File Commercialware

  • Abri Technologies Recover Utility - dBase FoxPro database file repair fix.

  • Abstradome - home of DOC, XLS and HDD regenerator. Finders of lost documents and even temporary fragments. Great but labor intensive product. Different concept than most uncorruptors. Finds a temporary "erased" good copy of your Word or Excel file that is now corrupt.

  • Cimaware - along with Data Numen, Ontrack, and Recoveronix, one of the big four companies involved corrupt file recovery software. S2 Services recommends trying their demos for recovering from Word, Excel, Access or Outlook corruption.

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  • Data Numen - Advanced Family - popular family of file repair. Includes difficult to find utilities. Reasonable prices. May outsell the big three.

  • Digital Photo Recovery Software - Software for digital picture recovery, digital image recovery and digital media recovery. Digital Photo Recovery will recover lost, deleted and formatted digital photos, files and data from all media types.

  • E-Recovery _ Outlook Express email Recovery software

  • E-Tech Inc. - Microsoft backup BKF file recovery.

  • Flobo Data Recovery - unusual company. Has Publisher, Word, and a freeware PSD recovery tool.

  • Get Data - recovers corrupt data by finding deleted and temporary copies of the file in question. More labor intensive, but may sometimes be the only solution.

  • Iolo - also recovers corrupt data by finding deleted and temporary copies of the file in question...

  • Our Windows Registry and System File repair tools - Moresoft.

  • Nucleus Data Recovery - Comprehensive choice of data recovery software. Reasonably priced. Impressive Indian company.

  • Ontrack - professional data recovery tools from Ontrack. Free demo. UK link.

  • R-TT - Mail, Word and Excel recovery. I like the company because their deleted file restore program saved me a couple of times. Data recovery, undelete and other cool HD utilities from R-TT.

  • Recoveronix - one of the big names in corrupt file recovery, along with Ontrack and Cimaware.

  • Stellar File Repair Toolkit - This is a combination of four tools to resolve your MS Office file corruption problems. Toolkit help you to repairs your corrupted MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Zip files.

  • Unistal - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database (DBF), Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Incredimail & Lotus Dominos recovery. Promising relatively new Indian Company.

  • Whirlpool Forums - Thread_ RAR file repair program...