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DBF Repair Freeware

Among the several listed here, there are bound to be some good ones.

Name - FoxPro DBF fix Finder


Download URL - http://www.ilabmalta.com/downloads/dbffixfinder.zip

Developer - iLabMalta Ltd. / Leonard Tonna?


File Size - 2.67 MB

Developer Provided Description - A Foxpro Tool to quickly identify corrupt or invalid DBF files in a directory. Getting any of the following errors in your FoxPro application?

  • Index file does not match table
  • Not a table
  • The file that Visual FoxPro is attempting to use as a table contains
  • an improper header

It takes a while to identify which DBF file is giving you trouble. This tool will help you find the invalid DBF file in a second!

Comments - None Yet

- Titanic (also here)

Screenshot of the software in action.

Download URL - Titanic

Developer - Branislav Stofko


File Size - 79 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - XBase, Clipper Fox Pro or FORCE

Developer Provided Description - "This small program can save our data from damaged disk DBF file. Any disturbance in power outlet or switching PC off in the inappropriate time can damage our files. DBF files used by XBase, Clipper Fox Pro or FORCE are sensitive to changes in file header. After a unnecessary change of one byte in header is this file no more accessible by our programs."

Comment - The program says it is shareware, but it is really postcardware, which means if you use it and like it, the author wants a postcard from you :-).


Screenshot of software in action.


Developer - Dave Leigh

OS - DOS/ Windows

File Size - 522 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - XBase

Developer Provided Description - "Broken headers in XBase have caused as much consternation as any other "feature" of the language. It's a unique situation in which a networking problem has caused the program to lock up between the time a record is written and the header is updated. It's so prevalent that Visual FoxPro 5.0 now AUTOMATICALLY performs fixes of the header. However, versions prior to that don't, so I wrote this. It's an interactive data file scanner/fixer that will repair broken headers and allow you to BROWSE the broken file PRIOR to fixing it! In addition, it will analyze the damage and will refuse to "repair" a file that is broken in some way other than having a broken header (if this is the case it will suggest the proper utility to use to fix the problem!) In most cases this is much more useful than Norton's FileFix program in that it's THOUSANDS of times faster! Now available here."

Comment - None


Screenshot Not available

Download URL - RETRO.ZIP

Developer - Dave Leigh

OS - DOS?/ Windows?

File Size - 61 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - Fox Pro

Developer Provided Description - "When FoxPro version 2.5 was introduced, there was a utility called the "transporter" included. This converted your FoxPro 2.0 code to version 2.5. Unfortunately, the process was one way. While working under a tight deadline I found the hard way that the FoxPro 2.5 memory manager was not compatible with the LIM expanded memory that we had to use under Alloy's operating system. So, the "reverse transporter" was born. Retropsnart converts all of FoxPro's system components from version 2.5 or 2.6 to version 2.0. It's also available in the FoxPro Forum on CompuServe."

Comment - None


Screenshot Not available


Developer - Dave Leigh

OS - DOS?/ Windows?

File Size - 15.8 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - XBase, Clipper Fox Pro or FORCE

Developer Provided Description - "This fixes one of the most frustrating and flat-out weird problems I've run into yet. There are cases where the data in DBF files can be shifted out of their fields. The data in the record is actually rotated a number of characters left or right while remaining within the record. This rotation occurs on a byte level, without regard to the data types of the fields in the affected record. The damage occurs to specific records, not all records in the file.

Don't ask me to explain why this happens, as I've had neither the time nor the inclination to really research the cause. I do know it's been around for a while, since Norton's FileFix does fix it. In fact, this problem was the reason I had FixDBF refer you to FileFix for unusual damage. Well, it recently cropped up again, and my old copy of FileFix could no longer fix it, so I wrote this to handle newer FoxPro versions. Basically, you browse the file to find the damaged records (this is faster than FileFix's record-by-record method), then manually shift the data left or right until it appears to fit properly in the fields. There are a few bells and whistles, such as remembering and applying the same shift to other damaged records. There are a couple of advantages to my low-level method of fixing this damage to recommend it over Norton's program:

it works on VFP 5.0 files.

it's faster than FileFix since I fix only the damaged records.

This method doesn't break the links to FPT memo files.

it doesn't require any more space on your drive than the file already occupies. FileFix made a copy of the file, and sometimes I didn't have the physical room to fix the data!

However, this can be a VERY dangerous utility because it does NOT automatically make a copy before fixing the file!! It was turned down by FoxPro Advisor for this very good reason! So it's not really a "published program". However, It's really the best way I know of to fix this specific type of damage."

Comment - None