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Server Disk
Recovery Tools

Name - Post Upgrade EFS Recovery Tool 1.0

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Download URL - http://download.microsoft.com/download/

Developer - Microsoft

OS - Windows Server 2008

File Size - 280.00 KB

Developer Provided Description - "When a user encrypts a file stored on a Windows file server the actual encryption of the file occurs on the server. To accomplish this, a special profile is created on the server in order to create and store an EFS (Encrypting File System) encryption key on behalf of the user. Thereafter, each time the user accesses their encrypted files on the server, this special profile is loaded on behalf of the user, and the previously created encryption key is used.

Issue: These special user profiles are not migrated when a Windows file server is upgraded to Windows Server 2008. When a user attempts to access their encrypted files, the upgraded file server does not see a special profile for that user and subsequently invokes the creation of a new special profile, with new EFS encryption keys. These new keys are now different than the original keys for the user, and therefore the decryption of previously encrypted files fails."

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Name - Systems Management Server Recovery Tools

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Download URL - http://download.microsoft.com/

Developer - Microsoft

OS - Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003

File Size - 1.14 MB

Developer Provided Description - "An SMS site recovery occurs whenever an SMS site is installed with a site code or site server name that was previously used in that SMS hierarchy. Repairing and re-synchronizing data are the core tasks of a site recovery, and are required to prevent interruption of operations and corruption of data.

Install the SMS Recovery Tools on any recovering site server before you start performing recovery tasks (you can install it at any time, but it is more convenient to install it before starting recovery).

Tool functions:

  • Preinst.exe: Diagnoses problems in a site, repairs a site, or stops all SMS services at a site.
  • ACLreset.exe: Resets access control lists used by the SMS Server Connection account.
  • Unenforce.exe: Turns off software metering enforcement."

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