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Image Repair

This section only contains expert level programs. Hopefully I will expand it to include more user friendly jpg artifact removing freeware. There is such a thing as a corrupt JPG, repairing this is difficult. Included is also a program to work with JPG artifacts induced by blowing up the size of the photos. The same program has a tool to "deconvulate" which supposedly can get rid of motion blur in an image.

Name - Jpeg-repair

Screenshot of the software in action.

Download URL - http://www.s2services.com/jpg-repair.zip

Explanation How to Use Program: alt.comp.freeware - Message from BeAr Ederson explaining how to use the program. Another useful alt.comp.freeware thread.

Developer - Wim Vanmaele

OS - Windows ME/2000/XP

File Size - 170 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - FAT16/32/NTFS

Developer Provided Description - "..During my testing, I discovered that by adding one byte at a certain position in the jpg file the corrupted picture was restored. So all we need is a tool that would add a byte at a user-defined position. JPEG-Repair, the program I wrote, will allow you to do this.."

Comment - If you have computer induced corruption on your jpgs this rare and difficult to use program maybe for you. Originally a Dutch program, the instructions are perhaps imperfectly translated into English. Try the trial version of http://www.hketech.com/JPEG-recovery/index.php to get a quick idea of how Vanmaele's program might possibly work. (No I didn't write the app, although my assistant thought I did and I didn't correct it until now, 11/2006).

Name - Digital Dream Studio

Screenshot of the program in action.

Download URL - DDSV2.exe

Developer - Bogdan Bocse

OS - Windows 95/96/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

File Size - 3.66 MB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - jpg, jpeg, bmp, ico, wmf, & emf images.

Developer Provided Description - "DDS is a image generating and editing software, which is currently freeware. What sets it apart from other similar programs is the ability to fine-tune even the low-level options of each one of its tools. Brush shapes, blending modes, fadings, layer proprieties, flood fills and spline curves - all of them and many more can be defined in great detail, by the user. Furthermore, the features offered by DDS can be easily extended by adding new plug-ins (the communication protocol between the host and the plug-in is simple enough for even the beginner programmer to use).

DDS is fully compatible with Windows 95/96/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003. As hardware specifications I would recommend a 1GHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 1024x768 resolution and 32 bit color depth, 300 MB of free hard drive space (or better). However, I have successfully tested DDS on a Pentium 333 MHz, 96 MB RAM, 800x600 resolution and 24 bit color depth (it must admit it was a bit slow, especially on those effects involving a lot of math)."

Comment - I don't know how to use it but there is a JPG artifact remover on the "Effects" Menu under the Retouch entry. By the way another kind of repair that can be done on JPGs is deconvolution, which is a way to get rid of motion blur in these images. My experience with both of these, just hacking really though, is it doesn't work very well.

Name - ZefrJPG

Screenshot of the software in action.

Download URL - Download Here

Developer - Robert Green

OS - Windows ME/2000/XP

File Size - 65 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - FAT16/32/NTFS

Developer Provided Description - "Demand continues for this widely used tool, which recovers JPG images after they have been lost to a LoveLetter worm attack (or any other reason). Archive now includes an NTFS version along with the FAT version. Millions (by now perhaps billions) of files have been successfully recovered by ZefrJPG over the years."

Comment - None