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CMD Based Freeware
For Repair of Individual
Windows Problems

Command line programs, are programs started from the Windows command line. You get there by clicking on the Start Button, choosing Run, and the entering "CMD" and hitting return. Actually only the first one needs to be started this way, the other three will open their own command Window, but this can still seem intimidating though it really isn't, it's just a little unfriendly looking.

Name - Windows 9x & XP & NT MSBackUp File Format and Data Recovery

Screenshot of software in action.

Download URL -

  • MSBackup Source archive for QIC and BKF files (see environments below)

  • MSBackup archive of binaries for MSDOS (via Microsoft QuickC 2.5)

  • MSBackup archive of binaries for WIN32 (via Microsoft Visual C 5.0)

  • NTBKUP.exe Ver 1.07 executable for WIN32

  • MSQIC.exe Ver 1.11 executable for WIN32

  • MSBackup archive of binaries for Linux V2.4 (via gcc 2.91.66)

Developer - William Kranz

OS - Linux/DOS/Win32

File Size - MSBackup (DOS Archives) - 123 KB

MSBackup (Win 32 Archive) - 120 KB

NTBKUP.exe - 72 KB

MSQIC.exe - 83.5 KB

MSBackup - 127 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - Extfs2?/Extfs3?/FAT32/NTFS??

Developer Provided Description - "This page discusses some of the internal structures I've observed/discovered in the backup programs distributed with the Win32 versions of Microsoft's Windows Operating systems. It also introduces two freely available programs I wrote based on this information to recover data from backup archive files (*.QIC and *.BKF) created with these Windows backup programs. As of 2004 I've made the source code for these programs available under the GNU Public License.."

Comment - Difficult to follow discussion.

Name - Reset Associations

Screenshot of software in action.

Download URL - reset associations.rar

Developer - DJLIzard

OS - XP Only

File Size - 8.48 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - FAT32/NTFS

Developer Provided Description - "If you are unable to run .exe, .bat, .com, .reg, .cmd, and so forth, you will want to download the following package which will assist in repairing the assocations. The package contains several versions of the same script. This is because you may have one or more working executable associations that you can use to launch the script. For instance: your .exe association isn't working, but for whatever reason, you are able to run .cmd scripts. There are .bat, .cmd, and .reg versions of the script. In the reg version folder, there are two ways to apply the assocations: apply them all at once by importing !ALL.reg, or individually, by applying separate\bat.reg, separate\cmd.reg, etc. If you are unable to import .reg files, or launch regedit.exe in order to import them, you will need to use the cmd or bat version. If you are unable to run either of those, there are a couple of tricks to get around it.

You can attempt to go into the aforementioned Safe mode with command prompt and run the .bat or .cmd from command prompt. Another way is to go to Start > Run (if Windows even works at all) and type 'cmd.exe' - - if Windows then asks you what you want to run cmd.exe with, then click browse and choose C:\ Windows\System32\cmd.exe, and it will open with itself. You should then be able to run any of the association resetters with ease."

Comment - None yet.

Name - Windows Update Repair Tool

Screenshot of software in action.

Download URL - wurtbeta41.exe

Developer - Shawn McNaughton

OS - Not recorded.

File Size - 212 KB

Supported Software Versions or File Systems - Not recorded.

Developer Provided Description - "How WURT Works

WURT works by simply repairing anything Windows Update is dependant on. For example, WU depends heavily on Internet Explorer. IE depends on many other Windows functions, which have other dependencies.

WURT fixes this by reregistering a large number of Windows' most crucial components. The internal list of the components to register and other fixes - like cache clearing, time adjustment, and registry checks - have been gathered from many other sources, including the official Microsoft WU Troubleshooter, the WU Forum, and other web research.

The result is a tool that essentially rebuilds large parts of the operating system. Since IE has been integrated into Windows for political reasons, this often has drastic and far-reaching positive effects, such as fixing McAfee Home products, fixing damaged taskbars, fixing damaged network connections, and more. "

Comment - None yet.